Time tracking and billing for freelancers and teams

Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

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Use it solo or with a team

Whether you're working alone or with a team, you can rely on Fanurio to track time, manage projects and be paid for your work.

Get organized with projects

Fanurio uses projects to help you organize work, expenses, trips and products that you might want to sell to your clients. Internal projects can be marked as non-billable.

Track time with little effort

Fanurio provides multiple methods to help you track time with little effort. You can track time manually or using a timer. It also has a few reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer automatically.

Get paid for all your work

From the moment you get a new contract until you are paid in full, Fanurio offers you the right tools to manage and bill all your work down to the penny.

Analyze your performance  

Fanurio provides reports and charts to help you analyze your business in terms of time and money so that you can make well-informed decisions about your projects and clients.

Use it on multiple platforms  

Fanurio runs on macOS, Windows, Linux and other flavors of Unix. The same license allows you to use Fanurio on all platforms.

Built with input from working freelancers

"The Fanurio software is really what software should be -- easy to learn, flexible to meet my specific needs, and contains features I will actually use but not so many as to make it burdensome.

It is clear to me that you have built this software with input from working freelancers themselves."

Kimberly Tso, Grantwriter

Excellent time tracking software

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellent Fanurio time tracking software. In my opinion, the ideal time tracking software should be very easy to use, customizable and produce the final invoice using a user-provided template.

I tried dozens of similar tools before deciding to use Fanurio. Only Fanurio matched all of our requirements."

Daniel Gehriger, Software Engineer

Direct, immediate and useful customer service

"In terms of fine-tuning the software, I am no programmer so I have to rely on the customer service for this, which is truly excellent.

I have never experienced such a direct, immediate and ultimately useful response from any software company -- or any company to be honest -- that I get from Nicu at Fanurio."

Greg Lowe, Journalist and Editor

Fanurio 3.3.1 Released
June 22, 2020

Version 3.3.1 fixes bugs reported for version 3.3.

Fanurio 3.3 Released
June 01, 2020

Version 3.3 adds support for email templates, expense tax amounts and many other features and improvements.

Fanurio 3.2.3 Released
June 01, 2020

Version 3.2.3 fixes bugs reported for version 3.2.2.

Fanurio 3.3 Release Candidate Released
April 28, 2020

Version 3.3 release candidate is now available for download.

Fanurio 3.2.2 Released
February 28, 2019

Version 3.2.2 fixes bugs reported for version 3.2.1.

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