6.21. Version 1.11.3 (October 9, 2008)

This is a patch for version 1.11 that contains bug fixes and small improvements. Here's a list with all the changes:


  • Edit project: Project properties like its name, the notes or whether it is finished or not, can be edited using the Edit Project action. To use this action, right-click on a project in the projects tree and select Edit Project.

  • Copy project items: Project items can be duplicated using the Copy action after a project is opened. When duplicating an item, its time entries are not duplicated.

  • New shortcuts: Ctrl-Shift-M (Command-Shift-M on Mac) instead of Ctrl-M to switch to the iTunes-like mini timer.

    Ctrl-Shift-I (Command-Shift-I on Mac) changes to the Invoices view while Ctrl-Shift-P (Command-Shift-P on Mac) changes to the Projects view.

  • Database validation: When started, Fanurio checks if it can connect to the database to prevent any accidental data loss.

  • Logging: Fanurio is now configured to keep at most 4MB of logs (previously it used only 0.5MB). In case anything is going wrong with it, we'll have lots of information to investigate and fix the problem.

Bug Fixes

  • The fanurio.lck file that is used by Fanurio to know if it was already started is no longer created in the user's home folder but in the settings folder. Fanurio fails to create this file on some Macs.