6.22. Version 1.11 (July 29, 2008)

This version makes possible to track costs and profits. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • Costs and profits: Project items can now track both the purchase cost and the selling price (rate). Tracking costs is very useful especially if you subcontract or resell some of your services. By recording the cost, you can get accurate reports of your profits.

  • Money reports: Project reports can now show both time and money.

  • Start recent: The Start Recent list contains the latest items where time has been recorded. It can be accessed from the Timer menu, the tray menu, the toolbar and the iTunes-like mini timer. By clicking on one of the items, the timer is started for that item.

    The recent items are grouped by client and project for easier access.

  • Payment date for invoices: You can now specify the date when an invoice is marked as paid.

  • Check for Updates: Fanurio can now check automatically for updates. This option is enabled by default and can be disabled from the Preferences dialog.


  • Money totals: The items table footer displayed the total time recorded for the project but now it also displays the total money earned (profit) for that project. To easily track profits and taxes, the invoices table footer displays totals too.

  • Reports location and format: Fanurio now remembers where reports have been exported and the format used to export them. This can save you a few clicks every time a report is exported.

  • Report configurations: If you use project reports frequently then you can create your own report configurations. These configurations will remember the report period and the other settings so that you don't have to specify them again each time.

  • Expand/collapse clients tree nodes: The clients tree nodes are now collapsed by default. You can expand or collapse them from the popup menu at the top of the clients tree.

  • Suspend auto-numbering: If auto-numbering is enabled, it can be disabled when an invoice is created. This is helpful if you create and delete an invoice several times in a row. You may not want the counter to be increment since you are creating the same invoice.

  • Preview invoices: Invoices can be previewed right in the "Create Invoice" dialog. You can now see how an invoice looks like without actually creating it.

Bug Fixes

  • Idle time was reported inaccurately on some Macs.

  • Doesn't select all contacts when importing them from Address Book.

  • The Start (F5) timer action didn't start the timer for the current item.

  • The link that indicates an item in the Time Entry dialogs doesn't wrap if there isn't enough space.

  • Table columns weren't always sorted correctly.

  • Auto-backup is enabled by default.

  • Clients were not initialized correctly when created from the New Project dialog.

  • Duplicate taxes appeared in tax groups when created but they were discarded once the application was restarted.