6.30. Version 1.3 (March 1, 2007)

New Features

  • Backup/Restore support: The application can create backup copies of its data and then restore them. This new feature will give users more control over their own data since it is very important and valuable.

    The File > Backup and File > Restore commands can be used to create and restore backup copies. When a backup is created, users can give it a name and a description.

    The File > Show Backups command can be used to go directly to the backup folder and manually delete unwanted backups.

New Options

  • Create backup on exit: If checked, the application will create a backup copy every time it is closed. This setting is not enabled by default.

  • Path to backup copies: This path is used by the application to determine where backup copies are located.


  • Enhanced tables: The tables used in the application are sortable and the width of their columns is adjustable.