6.29. Version 1.4 (April 18, 2007)

This version contains some important features and improvements that it almost deserves to be a 2.0 release. Tax support is perhaps the most important feature because it helps to create invoices with tax information. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • Tax support: Fanurio can create complete invoices with tax information. Tax support is not enabled by default, you have to enable it from Business > My Business Details. After you enable it, you can:

    • define one or more taxes that you need to use for your invoices

    • specify a tax number for your business (this is especially useful if you need to include a tax number on an invoice)

    • specify a tax number for a client

    • specify if a client is exempt from taxes or not

    To quickly define your taxes, we highly recommend you to use the Tax Wizard that is available from the Business > My Business Details > Taxes section.

  • Manual: Starting with this version, Fanurio has a manual that covers all its functionality. The quick-start guide from previous versions has been expanded to a full-blown tutorial.

  • Import clients from CSV: The application can import clients from an external CSV file. If you keep your contacts in an e-mail application, you can first export them to a CSV file (most such applications can do it) and then use the import wizard to add them to Fanurio.

    Go to File > Import to import your clients to Fanurio.

  • Expense attachment: Each expense can have a file attached to it. This is helpful especially if you have the bills scanned as files and you want to associate them with an expense.

    To open the file attached to an expense or to locate it on disk, right click on the expense to show a popup menu.


  • Improved templates support: Creating or customizing invoice templates is not an easy thing to do. To help you with it, we've added a few actions and some documentation.

    Go to Invoice > Show Templates if you want to quickly access all invoice templates.

    Go to Invoice > New Template if you want to create a template by just checking some options. This is the fastest way to create a template.

    Read the template guide to learn how to create a template from scratch.

  • Improved clients tree: Projects and clients are kept sorted in the tree to locate them faster. Their names can be edited by pressing the F2 key on the tree node.

  • Nicer user interface: Each section (clients, projects, invoices) has its own title. For instance, there is a Clients title above the clients tree.

  • Improved new item button: The new item button displays a popup so that you can quickly specify what kind of service will be used when the new item is created.

  • Autoresize table columns: Almost all tables have a button in the top-right corner that displays a table popup menu. You can use it to autoresize the columns of the table.

Bug Fixes

  • Remember the selected client: When a new project was created from the menu or by clicking the toolbar button, it wasn't created for the client that was selected in the tree.

  • Create Invoice dialog scrollbar: The tree with items to invoice from the Create Invoice dialog didn't show the scrollbar if it had many items.