6.27. Version 1.6 (July 2, 2007)

The most important features of this version are a new timer that replaces the previous one and support for marking invoices as paid. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • New timer: This version of the application replaces the old timer with a more usable one. The main drawback of the old timer was that it required to select a project item first in order to start it. This approach wasn't very intuitive or usable.

    The new timer can be started anytime (you don't have to select an item first) and from anywhere (menu, toolbar, tray menu, shortcut). When the timer is stopped, the user is asked to specify the item for which the time is recorded. If none is available, a new item can be created.

    This new timer can also be started or stopped from the tray menu or using the CTRL+T shortcut.

  • Mark projects as finished or unfinished: Knowing which projects are finished and which aren't can be of great help when you only want to deal with one kind of projects. If you want to focus on your current work, you can choose to see only unfinished projects. But if you want to go over past projects, you can choose to see only finished projects.

    To change the finished state of a project, right click on a project node from the tree and mark it as finished or unfinished. Please note that finished projects cannot be modified, they are read-only. This means that you cannot create an invoice, add-edit-delete an item, add-edit-delete an expense or record time (manually or using the timer).

    To choose what projects are displayed in the clients tree, click on the Clients label right above the tree.

  • Mark invoices as paid: Invoices can be marked as paid or unpaid. Unpaid invoices are displayed as overdue if they are not paid on time.

    To help you differentiate between different kinds of invoices, Fanurio paints paid, unpaid and overdue invoices in distinct colors. You can also use a filter to see only one kind of invoices.

  • Invoice search and filtering: This feature is really helpful when there are many invoices and you want to see only some of them. To do that, you can display invoices from a certain date range, you can search them by number or client name and you can also filter them by their paid status. The paid filter makes it easy to see unpaid and overdue invoices.

    Searching and filtering can be done in the Invoices View, right above the invoices table.


  • Keyboard actions for the clients tree: The clients tree can be controlled using the keyboard. Use:

    • INSERT to add a new project

    • ENTER to edit a client or a project

    • DELETE to delete a project or a client

  • Confirm project delete: The application will prompt the user when a project is deleted.

  • Log all errors: If the application fails to complete any task during execution, that error will automatically be logged. This helps us identify and fix possible problems faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Vista idle time detection: Idle time detection is now available for Windows Vista too.

  • Application settings: The application settings are saved while the application is running so that if the operating system quits unexpectedly, they are not lost.

    This problem occurs on some Windows machines when the OS is shut down while Fanurio is running. Fanurio doesn't have the time to save its settings. This is more an OS problem than a Fanurio problem and that's why we are trying to save the settings before it is closed.

  • User guide fixed for Internet Explorer: The html pages from the user guide didn't look properly in Internet Explorer.