6.26. Version 1.7 (September 3, 2007)

This version brings Mac OS X integration and an improved timer. To make time tracking easier, we've added a pause button and an iTunes-like mini timer. The mini timer is a small window that lets you control the timer easier. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • Runs on Mac OS X: Fanurio now integrates with and runs on Mac OS X. We've tested the application on Mac OS X 10.3.9 with Java 1.4 but it should also work with later versions too.

    Fanurio has many integration features to make it look and feel like a Mac application but one that you will notice is the badged dock icon. The dock icon is badged to show the elapsed time down to the minute when the timer is running or it is paused.

  • Mini timer: The mini timer window gives quick access to the timer controls and you can also see how much time has elapsed since it was started. You can switch to the mini timer using the View > Switch View command from the menu bar.

    On Windows, you can also switch the view from the tray icon menu.

  • New pause button: The pause button can be of great help when you start working on something and must take frequent breaks. When the timer is paused, the mini timer display blinks.

    On Windows, the tray icon blinks too while on Mac it is the dock icon badge that blinks.

  • Build the invoice template visually: When it comes to invoice templates, you could create them yourself or you could ask us to create them for you. In case you want to create them yourself, we've just made things easier.

    Just go to the invoices view and click to view an invoice. Once it is displayed, you can configure its appearance by specifying the information you want to be included. Click the Configure Template button to see what options are available, make your choices and then click Apply Settings to see how the invoice looks. You'll have quick visual feed-back on your options.

    Once you've decided on a look, click Save Template to save the template to the templates folder. Later, when you'll want to export an invoice to HTML, you can use this template.

    Note: Previous versions had a New Template dialog that helped to create an invoice template. It has been replaced by the more intuitive visual method.


  • Show the time log for a date range: The time log dialog is displayed whenever you click the today date from the status bar. In previous versions, this dialog only showed the log for a single date. This version can also display the time log for a date range. You can choose a predefined date range like This Week, This Month, Last Week, Last Month or you can specify a custom date range.

    In addition to that, the time log can be exported to HTML, CSV and Excel. The previous version only exported to HTML.

  • More detailed invoice previews: The view invoice dialog has been redone visually to display the invoice contents more intuitively. The new view also shows when time has been recorded for each item by date.

  • Export the application log file: If the application is not working correctly, you can always export its log file to a folder of your choice and then send it to us for further investigation.

    Go to Help > About Fanurio to display the about dialog and then click the Export Log File... button.

  • Other improvements

    • New timer icons

    • Renamed Generate to Export: The old Generate Invoice command has been renamed to Export as we already use this term in a few other places. We want to keep command names consistent across the application.

    • Larger address field: The address field has been replaced with a multiline address field.

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice date filter: The date filter was not accurate and invoices created before noon were not displayed.

  • Wrap text in text areas: The editable text areas (like project description, item description, etc) wrap the text when the line is too long.