6.25. Version 1.8 (November 12, 2007)

The most important feature of this version is the discounts feature. Users can discount individual items or the whole invoice. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • Discounts: With Fanurio you can discount each project item or you can discount the total invoice value. In either case, invoices can show both the discounted values and the regular ones. Discounts can be specified as a percentage or as a fixed value.

  • Time report for projects: A time report can be displayed for each project. It shows the time recorded for each item and the total time recorded for the whole project.

    There are two ways to display the time report of a project. You can either go to the projects section, right-click on a project and select "Show Time Report" or you can click the link label under the items table that shows the total recorded time.

  • Export invoices directly to PDF: Invoices can now be exported directly to HTML and PDF. Previous versions allowed HTML export only.

    Read this section to learn how to customize an invoice template to export nicely to PDF.

  • Drag items to other projects: The items of a project can be dragged to a different project in the projects tree. Dragging an item can either copy or move it to the new project. Invoiced items can only be copied. They cannot be moved as that would alter existing invoices.

    A simple mouse drag represents a move operation. To copy an item, you have to press the control key on Windows or the option key on Mac and then drag the mouse.

  • Export the list of invoices and expenses: The list of invoices can be exported to Excel and CSV. Just click on the top-right button from the invoices table and it will show a popup menu that allows to make this export.

    This operation is useful if you want to create tax reports outside Fanurio.

  • Use custom template to view invoices: If you have a custom invoice template, you can use it to both export and view an invoice. This makes it easier to view an invoice before it is exported to HTML or PDF.

    The previous version restricted invoice viewing to a predefined template only.

  • Reminder to start the timer: There's a new option available that let's you configure Fanurio to remind you to start the timer if it wasn't started lately. This option is not enabled by default.

  • Region setting to indicate format for numbers, currency and time: The new region setting allows you to specify how data should be formated in Fanurio. Fanurio detects your region automatically from your computer settings but in some cases this information is not available.

    If Fanurio doesn't display numbers, currency or time in your format, make sure you change its region setting.


  • Projects popup: The section that contains the clients and projects tree has been renamed from Clients to Projects. The popup that controls which projects are visible has been placed to the right to make it more obvious.

    The popup contains a new command that highlights which projects have been invoiced.

  • Specify a time entry in different ways: Previous versions allowed to specify only the start time and the duration of a time entry. This version makes it possible to also define a time entry by its start time and finish time or by duration and finish time.

  • Improved idle notifier: The idle notifier gives you more choices for handling idle time.

  • New time log filter: The time log can now show or hide billable time. To access the time log, click on the today date from the status bar.

  • New placeholders: Added new placeholders like: project.notes, client.code, client.website, business.website and invoice.taxable.

  • New templates extension: The template files now have the ftl extension instead of itl. The old extension conflicted with iTunes.

  • New website field: A website field has been added to both business and clients.

  • Mac OS X Window menu: Added a Window menu for Mac OS X to contain the Minimize Window and Zoom commands. The Zoom command changes the main window to the iTunes-like mini timer.

Bug Fixes

  • Crash recovery: The time wasn't recovered correctly if the application crashed and the timer was running

  • Same name clients: The application failed to start if there were two clients with the same name.

  • Time format: Time is displayed using locale specific settings. In some countries it is displayed as "02:30 PM" while in others as "14:30".

  • View invoice: The view invoice operation failed when one of the invoice fields contained invalid XHTML characters like &, < or >. The bug fix escapes such characters so that any invoice field can contain any characters.

  • Mac OS X bugs

    • The application hanged on some computers when the timer was started due to a font problem

    • The main window didn't move correctly

    • The time field editor didn't validate the values correctly due to a focus problem

  • UI bugs

    • No mnemonics or accelerators in the clients tree popups

    • In the project view, moved the project toolbar under the project title. If the project title was too long, the main application window didn't resize properly.

    • The tree node editor was enabled when clicking on a node from the clients tree. The editor should start only when pressing F2 on a node.

    • Deleting all time entries of an existing item didn't reset its time to zero

    • Time was not updated in the items table when the timer was stopped