6.17. Version 2.2 (October 14, 2009)

This version focuses on making the backup process more reliable. Backup copies are now checked for integrity to prevent corruption and they are created automatically even when the application is running. An additional audit file is used to save the data entered recently. Here's a list with all the changes:

New Features

  • More reliable backups

    • Mandatory backups: Backups are no longer an option, they are mandatory. We removed the two options that controlled this behavior (whether they are enabled and the maximum allowed number of backup copies). Fanurio keeps at most 25 backup copies now.

    • Writable backup folder: Fanurio checks on startup and when the backup folder is changed if it is writable. This prevents situations when the backup folder is not writable. For instance, if the backup folder is located on a USB stick that's not plugged in.

    • Automatic backups: Fanurio created a backup copy when it was closed but now it also does this when the application is running. Automatic backup copies are made every six hours (1:00, 7:00, 13:00, 19:00). This is very useful if a computer runs for days without being shut down.

    • Backup integrity: Fanurio checks whether the last backup is valid each time it starts. It also does this after each automatic backup.

    • Audit file: An audit file is used to record the latest database operations. Depending on how much you use the application, it should record at least the last 5 days. The audit file can be used to recover data just in case there is no backup copy and the database is corrupted.

    • Clean shutdown on Windows: Fanurio exits correctly on Windows if it is running when the user logs out or shuts down the computer. This fix addresses an existing issue for the Windows platform. It has never been a problem on Mac OS X but it still is on Linux.

  • Global hotkeys: Global hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that can be used from within any running application. Only the Windows and Linux versions of Fanurio have support for global hotkeys.

    Global hotkeys are very useful if you need to control the timer without clicking the tray icon or making the main window visible. Please see the global hotkeys section for the actual list of shortcuts.

  • New settings

    • Date format: The date and time format depends on the region you choose from the Options/Preferences dialog. The new date format option lets you use an explicit format.

    • Confirm exit: Just to make sure you don't close the application accidentally, you can now confirm if you want to close it. The new setting is disabled by default and must be enabled from the Options/Preferences dialog.

  • Search invoices by reference: New column for the invoices table to display the reference field which usually is the purchase order. The search field above the invoices table can now be used to search invoices by their reference number.

  • The return of - default date for new time entries: The default date of a new time entry is today again. It was changed in version 2.1 to be the last date when time was added to the service but it didn't prove to be a good idea.

    To enter time for another date than today, go to the Timesheet view and use the Date filter to specify a date. Then, when you'll use the Add Time button from the Timesheet view, the default date will be the date specified by the Date filter.


  • Template: New invoice.overdue placeholder to know whether an invoice is overdue or not.

  • Check for updates: Fanurio automatically checks for updates even if it is not restarted for many days. Previously, it only checked when started.

  • Improved mini timer

    • New minimize button in the mini-timer window.

    • New toolbar button that changes the view to the mini timer window.

    • Fixed the bug that maximized the mini-timer window in some cases.

    • Renamed the Switch View action to Switch to Mini Timer and Switch to Fanurio Window. The old name wasn't that obvious.

  • User interface improvements

    • The Delete key works on all important tables.

    • Text areas lose focus when the tab key is pressed.

    • Show Contents is no longer an option in the project popup menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Price and cost currency mismatch is no longer checked if cost is not used.

  • Invoices with zero total are marked automatically as paid.

  • Fixed the name of email attachments.

  • The following placeholders were not available in templates: business.other, client.other, business.mobile and client.mobile.

  • Tables that span on multiple pages don't display the bottom border.