6.10. Version 2.6.1 (March 29, 2013)

Bug Fixes

  • Failed to start with Java 5.

  • Failed to start if global hotkeys where enabled in the previous version.

  • Time entry descriptions were not available when displaying them grouped by date in the invoice template.

  • Linux: Using xdg-open instead of gnome-open to open files, folders and urls.

  • Windows 8: Run on startup didn't work.

  • Windows 8: Fanurio wasn't using the Windows task bar features (thumbnails, pinning, badge icons).

  • Windows 8: Fixed the user interface look and feel.

  • The template editor failed to save templates that contained Freemarker code.

  • The dialog used to create and edit new Timesheet Import configurations is now scrollable so it can fit on any screen.

  • Mac OS X: The folder chooser didn't work with Java 7.

  • Mac OS X: The menu bar and the status bar were not painted correctly on Java 7.

  • The age of an invoice is calculated as the difference between the dates and not the difference between the time stamps. If an invoice was created yesterday at 11:00 PM and now it's 8:00 AM then in the old version the invoice was 0 days old while in the new version it's 1 day old.