6.7. Version 3.0.1 (March 31, 2014)

This version contains bug fixes and small improvements for version 3.0.


  • "Not Fully Invoiced" shows new billable tasks: Changed the "Not Fully Invoiced" tasks filter to also include new billable tasks with no billable quantity. If this filter is set and you create a new billable task, the task will be visible in the tasks table now.

    The idea behind this change is that even though a new billable task has no billable quantity, it will probably have otherwise it doesn't make sense to make it billable in the first place.

  • New Task for the selected project: The New Task action (from the menu or from the toolbar) creates a task for the selected project if the Projects view is active.

  • Firewall warning on OS X: When launching Fanurio on OS X, it shows a warning window with the following question:

    Do you want the application "Fanurio.app" to accept incoming network connections?

    This warning is triggered by the code that checks whether multiple instances of Fanurio are launched. This code is no longer used now on OS X when launching Fanurio.app but it is used if you launch Fanurio using one of the .applescript scripts from the cross-platform distribution (.tar.gz).

    We are not making this check on OS X any longer because no matter how many times you are launching Fanurio.app, OS X will not launch a second instance unless you are a power user who opens a Terminal window and uses "open -n". More details about this special case here.

Bug Fixes

  • Failed to import contacts from Contacts on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

  • Missing invoice.mileageItems and invoice.mileageItemsSubtotal placeholders.

  • Failed to set a filter configuration for tasks.

  • Failed to upgrade to 3.0 when an item and its catalog item were of different types (e.g. product item that used an expense catalog item).

  • Fixed a memory leak that occured when a project was opened and then closed.

  • Windows 8.1: Fanurio wasn't using the Windows task bar features (thumbnails, pinning, badge icons) and the right user interface look and feel.

  • New Task fields are reset when selecting a project for the first time.

  • Updates the unit of measure for tasks and projects when Pricing changes.

  • Saves time entries that are edited when an invoice is created.

  • Time is not rounded correctly for service items that have time entries with no time.

  • When exporting time entries, expenses, trips and payments to CSV or Microsoft Excel, the Invoice column contained an internal identifier instead of the actual invoice number.

  • Failed to update the time total from the Tasks view when time was added, removed or updated.

  • The cursor jumped to the next field when entering time using the "enter time relative to finish" option.

  • Distance was not sorted correctly.