6.5. Version 3.1.1 (September 7, 2015)

This version contains bug fixes and small improvements for version 3.1.


  • Enabled retina font support on OS X.

  • Improved the user interface to look better on HiDPI monitors (Windows and OS X). Most fonts, components, and layouts scale correctly now.

    This version doesn't have HiDPI icons and it will not work in HiDPI mode on Linux. These improvements are scheduled for another release.

Bug Fixes

  • iBiz import - Failed to convert some invoices that contained job event groups.

  • The time recorded by the timer was not always rounded down to the nearest minute. If the time entry dialog was configured to enter time relatively to start and end (both), the time recorded by the timer included seconds as well. For instance a timer session of 00:06:36 hours was not saved as 6 minutes (0.10 hours) but as 6 minutes and 36 seconds (0.11 hours).

  • Time-related totals were not updated in the Tasks section of a project if a time entry was edited in the Edit Task dialog.

  • Text fields from the New Invoice window collapsed when the window was not wide enough.

  • Catalog items were not removed if deleted from Business » My Business Details.

  • The first day of week displayed by the date range picker didn't depend upon the selected region.

  • The paid flag was not updated when invoices were edited.