6.4. Version 3.1.2 (July 12, 2016)

This version contains bug fixes and small improvements for version 3.1.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Failed to exit on systems without a tray bar (Fedora Linux with openjdk 1.8.0).

  • Time was not filtered correctly by project reports. The Invoiced and Billable filters didn't apply to time entries, they only applied to tasks, expenses, trips and products.

  • The Task Summary by Week time report failed to calculate the week number for the last week of the year.

  • The week filters from the New Invoice | Add Project Items dialog always used Monday as the first day of week.

  • Failed to close on certain Linux systems (e.g. Ubuntu) if Fanurio was running when the computer was shut down.

  • On Linux systems that don't have the DBus GNONME Session Manager, if something was recorded in Fanurio and then the OS was shut down immediately (40 seconds or less) without closing Fanurio first (File | Quit), those changes were lost (not saved to the database).

  • The .deb installer failed to run on Linux systems that don't have openjdk-6-jre. It now works on all systems with openjdk-6-jre, openjdk-7-jre, openjdk-8-jre or openjdk-9-jre.

  • The projects tree tried to select new or updated clients and projects that were not visible.

  • Fixed the time formats used to import time from CSV. The Start field can match time in the 12-hour format (hh:mm a, hh:mm:ss a) and the 24-hour format (HH:mm, HH:mm:ss).