Chapter 7. Changelog

This chapter contains the changes made in each version of Fanurio. If you want to be notified about new releases, you can always subscribe to the news feed.

7.1. Version 3.3.1 (June 22, 2020)

This version contains bug fixes and small improvements for version 3.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Unit-based tasks were overbilled if invoiced more than once. Here's how to observe this bug:

    1. Create a task billed in units with Uninvoiced Qty set to 10.

    2. Create an invoice for this task. Uninvoiced Qty is 0 and Invoiced Qty is 10 because everything is invoiced.

    3. Edit the task and set Uninvoiced Qty to 5 to add 5 more units. Invoiced Qty is still 10.

    4. Invoice the task again. The task will display 15 uninvoiced units instead of 5 units (the bug) in the New Invoice / Add Project Items window. If the task is added to the invoice, its Invoiced Qty will be 25 (overbilled) and Uninvoiced Qty will be -10.

    You need to take further action if you invoiced unit-based tasks that were already invoiced after upgrading to version 3.3. Here's how to check for overbilled unit-based tasks:

    1. Go to the Tasks view and make sure all filters above the table are set to Any so you can see all tasks

    2. Click the Uninvoiced Qty column to sort it

    3. Check if the first tasks have a negative amount in the Uninvoiced Qty column. If they do and they are billed in units and they were invoiced after upgrading to version 3.3, it means you overbilled them.

    The solution is to either fix existing invoices, if possible (edit them and update the quantity for the overbilled items) or use the overbilled quantity as credit.

  • Fixed the Time Statistics.html time report template and the Sales Statistics.html sales report template to display charts for clients, projects and task categories that have names with special Freemarker characters (', ", \, &, =, {, <, >).