3.9. Working with products

3.9.1. About products

Projects can manage tasks, expenses and trips but billable projects can also manage products.

Products may seem an unnecessary concept but they provide a mechanism to bill anything that cannot be billed using tasks, expenses or trips. A product could be used to sell a computer, a set of icons or the monthly fee for website hosting services.

Let's consider the following example. You are a graphic designer who has created a set of icons. You license the icons to some of your clients for a small fee. How should you record this in Fanurio?

  • It doesn't make sense to create a task to bill the icons because you are not spending time again to create them. Tasks are used to bill work and you're not working this time.

  • It doesn't make sense to create an expense because you are not purchasing the icons from someone else. Expenses are used to record money that you spend and you're not spending anything this time.

  • This is not a trip.

So, the only solution is to use something else and that is a product.