Chapter 6. Changelog

This chapter contains the changes made in each version of Fanurio. If you want to be notified about new releases, you can always subscribe to the news feed.

6.1. Version 3.0.2 (March 2, 2015)

This version contains bug fixes and small improvements for version 3.0.


  • Mileage items: In the previous version, a mileage item could group trips with the same rate from multiple projects. Now, it can only bill trips with the same rate from the same project.

    Mileage items are project items so it makes sense to bill only trips from the same project.

  • Use Start TLS for SMTP servers: If you use Fanurio to send invoices by email, you can now configure the SMTP server to secure the connection with Start TLS.

    The "Edit Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" window has a list of settings for popular email services like Comcast, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo! Mail.

Bug Fixes

  • The width was not always saved for hidden table columns that were made visible and then resized.

  • On OS X, the application can be installed in any folder, not just in Applications. If installed in subfolders that had a space in their name, the default templates and the user guide were not found.

  • Invoiced filters also showed non-billable elements. For instance, if both billable and non-billable expenses were recorded, when the Not Invoiced filter was selected in the Expenses view, non-billable expenses where still visible.

  • If a client had two or more projects with the same name and one of them was clicked, the first project was selected instead of the one that was clicked.

  • Failed to delete clients with invoices.