Chapter 5. Troubleshooting and maintenance

5.1. Installing Fanurio

5.1.1. Requirements

Fanurio runs on Windows (including Windows 8.1), Mac OS X (10.5 or later, including Mavericks), Linux and other flavors of Unix.

To run it, you need to have Java 6 or higher. Read the next section to learn if you have the right version of Java installed and how to install it if you don't have it.

5.1.2. Registering a license key

Here's what you need to do to register a license key:

  1. Save the license file you received by email (license.dat) on your Desktop.

    IMPORTANT: Don't try to open the license file as there is nothing meaningful there. Just save it on your computer. Fanurio knows how to read its contents.

  2. Make sure Fanurio is running. If it isn't, start it.

  3. If it asks you for a valid license file, click the Enter License button at the bottom. If it doesn't, go to Help » Enter License... to enter it. Once you click Enter License..., Fanurio will display the License Registration dialog.

  4. Click the Browse button to locate the license file on your Desktop.

  5. Enter the email address where you received the license file in the Email field.

  6. Click OK to register the license key.

5.1.3. The cross-platform version

To install and run Fanurio from a USB stick, please follow these instructions:

  1. Get the cross-platform version (.tar.gz)

  2. Install it on the USB stick by unzipping it

  3. Start Fanurio from the stick by running:

    • fanuriolocal.applescript on Mac OS X

    • fanuriolocal.exe on Windows

    • on Linux and other flavors of Unix

Note: It's important to start Fanurio using the local scripts. The other scripts (without local in their name) will start Fanurio but will not keep the data on the stick.