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Michelle Keane

@Fanurio - my choice for time tracking software for 3yrs now. Smart app, easy to use & customer service is the best!

Adi J. Sieker

Support request answered within 5 Minutes with a solution. @fanurio rocks.

Ana Nelson

Liking Fanurio for time tracking so far, multi-platform, good configurable reminders.

Steve Piercy

For time tracking, invoicing, and billing in a single cross-platform package, I made the switch to @Fanurio from iBiz. Superior support, too

It took me a fraction of time to implement Fanurio

by Denis Danchenko, Technical and marketing communicator, translator and localizer

My name's Denis, I'm a full-time freelance operating in techcom, marcom, and localization industry. I've recently purchased Fanurio to help streamline my project management workflow and time tracking. I find Fanurio a very efficient and yet extremely user-friendly program.

I've tried lots of desktop and web-based project management and time tracking applications including those specifically designed for translators (like Translator Office 3000), but your program is definitely a hands-down winner in terms of usability, efficiency, and a learning curve. It took me a fraction of time to implement Fanurio in my project management workflow and I'm now enjoying a much better visibility of how well I get along with my clients, advance on projects, and process invoices.

I want to thank you guys for your hard work and let you know that I really appreciate being a user of your product.

Direct, immediate and useful customer service

by Greg Lowe, Journalist and Editor

The simplicity of Fanurio's time tracking and invoicing system makes it very easy for me to manage billing of the large number of clients and publications that I work for without having to waste time.

In terms of fine-tuning the software, I am no programmer so I have to rely on the customer service for this, which is truly excellent. I have never experienced such a direct, immediate and ultimately useful response from any software company -- or any company to be honest -- that I get from Nicu at Fanurio. I hope you make a million!

Fanurio could well set a new standard

by Arnaud Disant, Professional Services Consultant (IT), Marine IT Expert

It is rarely that you will find in the same box a software that's working on all the major operating systems, with a development team that's focused on what users really need, to do their job. In the box, you will also find, teamed up with a first class support ready to swap the cap for professional services integrators, nice, friendly dedicated people.

Fix-I.T. supplies IT Technical Support, Hosted Apps and Professional Services Consulting to clients located in UK, Ireland, US and France. All services are charged on a per hour basis, this way a job that is 90 minutes will never be invoiced 120 minutes or 2 hours.

What else comes in standard, but of course, fast response, updates, tutorials and much more, search no more, because Fanurio could well set a new standard in matter of time billing and project management for SOHO & SMB.

The real standout here is the customer service

by Barry Maloney, Apple Consultant

Thanks to everyone [] for your suggestions earlier.

I have discovered a single user application called Fanurio and have been testing out their latest Beta (3.1 beta2) for about a week. The application is quite impressive, and very customizable, but the real standout here is the customer service. I don't think I've encountered such a genuine desire to help from someone I've never met since the early '90s, when we were all a happier bunch.

The company has also stepped up to help those of us that came to depend on iBiz and got left in a lurch when they ceased development at the release of Mavericks. They've even provided an AppleScript to import most of the data from iBiz, and I got immediate assistance from Support with some things that needed more attention.

The functionality of the Invoicing Template Editor proved to be too much for me when trying to convert my iBiz templates so Nicu (I don't think this guy sleeps) took my .rtfd docs and personally custom coded .html files and returned them to me, all the time looking for feedback and continuing to tweak at my request.

Extremely open to feedback and instantly responsive to questions. Every time I've come up with a 'yeah, but what if...' they have provided an explanation and a solution.

If I sold software I'd wanna sell this. Check 'em out.

I can heartily recommend it

by Louise Munnoch, Education Manager

I wish to commend you on creating both such a great product but also on the level of customer service that you provide.

I work as a freelancer contractor in the IT Education sector, and have been searching for a product that would track my time, generate invoices and manage my billing process over the past SIX years. This SHOULD be a simple thing - however I have tried over 12 different products and all were majorly flawed. Either they had intrusive timers, couldn't generate invoices, didn't track payments, were unable to be customised or had clunky static reports. I finally settled on Billings as the best of a bad bunch, but found their unintuitive template designer completely unworkable - and I teach PHP, Javascript and HTML.

When I stumbled upon your product, I couldn't believe that such a reasonably priced application actually DID what was promised. Not only does it track my time, but I can brand my invoices easily and quickly. In addition, when I had a request for the ability to customise the Timesheet reports, your customer service staff responded promptly and then created it for me.

Please feel free to use this (or any part thereof) on any site where you wish to post a review or market Fanurio to the freelance/contracting community. Everyone should know about it, and I can heartily recommend it.

I am so impressed with the help and assistance I have received

by Bill Gruenke, Proofreader

I think that this must be the first time that I have received a "thank-you" when purchasing a piece of software! I am very impressed!

I have had communication with Nicu from Support, and it was due to his efforts and assistance that convinced me to purchase Fanurio. I am so impressed with the help and assistance I have received, and always so quickly. There are other programs on the market that do not do as much, and cost much, much more, and with very little, if any, help.

I will be only too pleased to recommend this software to anyone in my circle who has need of such a program.

It keeps me organised

by Alison Wickens, Graphic designer, artworker and retoucher

I LOVE IT! I am a huge fan of Fanurio and have used it for years.... I couldn't live (or rather work) without it! It keeps me organised as well as keeping track of job numbers and costs in exactly the way that I need it to. When it comes to end of year accounting, I simply print a report and give it to my book keeper. It's so simple. The new interface is really nice - much slicker in its design. Brilliant!

Built with input from working freelancers

by Kimberly Tso, Grantwriter

I just wanted to send you an "official" thank you for your product and technical support. The Fanurio software is really what software should be -- easy to learn, flexible to meet my specific needs, and contains features I will actually use but not so many as to make it burdensome. It is clear to me that you have built this software with input from working freelancers themselves.

I wanted to write a special note of appreciation to Nicu and his technical support. Nicu really went the extra mile to customize invoice templates for me, answer many questions (which in effect was a personal tutorial), and even fix a glitch in how the program was operating on my computer. All of his responses were timely and on point. It was a pleasure to work with him and receive that level of personalized attention at a time when most of my interaction with other technical support feels anonymous.

So, thank you, Nicu, and I hope we have an opportunity to work together again. I look forward to future versions of your valuable software.

I have always recorded my time on projects by hand

by Kelly Collar, graphic designer | writer

I'm just so happy, I had to write a note to tell you how much I love Fanurio. I've been a freelancer for nine years, and I have always recorded my time on projects by hand. I never really knew how much time per day or week I had worked, unless I took the time to actually add up all the minutes, project by project.

I've been using Fanurio for two weeks, and I just discovered the "projects report" feature. With the click of a button, I instantly saw how much time I had worked today, this week, and even in the last month. A miracle!! Plus, because recording my time is so much easier, I'm better about recording EVERY time I do work for a client, even the smallest requests. All that time does add up.

Thank you for making my business life so much easier and more profitable!

A very user-friendly, powerful yet simple tool

by Carrie Meurer, web development + seo

I have found Fanurio to be a very user-friendly, powerful yet simple tool to keep track of time and invoices. It is laid out nicely, works as it should, has many great features and the best part is the support. If ever I have a question, I receive concise and friendly answers and quickly!

I highly recommend this product.

I have used Excel and Quickbooks in the past

by Jason D. Burr, Oracle DBA Consultant

First, let me say that now, I use your software religiously. I began using it for one client (a bit skeptical, as with all software).

I am an Oracle DBA (Consultant) and have been for over 15yrs. I have used Excel and Quickbooks in the past but one tedious and the other was always overkill and wouldn't allow me to do exactly what I needed. And none of the other crap (that is really not necessary for me). Your software has it all! Everything I need, as if I would have developed myself. I'm glad you took the time.

Attentive to customers needs and requests

by Barry Nordby, Web Designer

Please feel free to quote me in your testimonials. You are doing such a good job with the program and are so attentive to your customers needs and requests. I'd be very happy if my testimonial helped someone else to try your product and wish you continued success. Keep up the good work!

I created my own time tracking application but this product has been well crafted

by Doug Blacker, Software Developer, Transportation and Banking

I am a software developer. I created my own time tracking application for my own use but of course I never had time to refine it or fix bugs that inevitably crept up. I just put up with it.

Fanurio time tracking is refreshing to use. It has all the features that I want, and a straight-forward user interface. Two features that confirmed my decision to purchase were:
1. the ease of starting/stopping and changing projects, and
2. portability - installing to a flash drive.

This product has been well crafted and is a pleasure to use. Thank you.

I did experience some confusion at first. I was not clearly understanding how to drill down to the details. After having the application in use, on and off, for a few hours, then it became clear.

All the software I found (not yours) would rather steal, than save me time

by Karl-Johan Strandberg, Film and Motion Graphics Producer

I would like to start with saying that i like your app. a lot. I have been searching the Internet for a software to fill my needs as a Producer in the Film & Motion graphics buissnes. All the software I found (not yours) would rather steal, than save me time in my projects. And as being a single producer I don't have time to organise others than myself.

Excellent time tracking software

by Daniel Gehriger, Software Engineer

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent Fanurio time tracking software. In my opinion, the ideal time tracking software should be very easy to use, customizable and produce the final invoice using a user-provided template.

I tried dozens of similar tools before deciding to use Fanurio. Only Fanurio matched all of our requirements.

Your software works like a charm

by Brian Shaughnessy, Web Developer and Graphic Designer

The software is really a great program. I tried out several different programs that can be used for tracking time and billing, and they were all a pain to use, had way too many useless features, and didn't do a good job with the core purpose -- tracking time, managing projects, and billing clients. Your software works like a charm.

I was trying to write my own

by Sue Walters, Software and Website Designer

Just installed the updates and I LOVE THEM. When I found your software I was trying to write my own and take care of clients. This is far better than what I could have completed while still keeping up with my workload.

Your program is WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

I've literally spent about 20 hours surfing the net for the right timer/invoice software

by Shiraz Dindar, Programmer for Environmentally-Progressive Websites

Wow, I just downloaded the new version and the reports feature is exactly what I was talking about. I mean, literally precisely! Hooray! Thank you so much! I am going to buy my copy right now!

On a minor note, I find that in the reports page, needing to click the "Apply Settings" button is a bit redundant. I think it should automatically apply your settings whenever you change a setting

Thanks again for your hard work. I've literally spent about 20 hours surfing the net trying to find the right timer/invoice software and testing them out, and yours is the only one that suits my needs.

I purchased the product immediately (before the trial period ended)

by Wyn Snow, Website Developer

When I first switched to a Mac in 2008, I needed new software to track both my time and project work details. As a freelance web developer with oodles of clients and a variety of project tasks with different billing rates, I was worried about spending money on a program only to discover that it wouldn't do everything I needed.

Then I tried Fanurio and was completely thrilled. Fanurio not only covered everything I had used paper and pencil to keep track of - it also allowed me to do billing with a customized invoice layout. It also made it easy for me to cut and paste project work details into a Word document for a client who needed that for his own billing purposes. I purchased the product immediately (before the trial period ended).

Over the years since, Fanurio's features have expanded - a few of which I asked for myself - in ways that make my "accounting life" even easier. Technical support is extremely responsive to feedback about both bugs and suggested improvements. This newest version (Jan 2011) not only works like a charm with more useful features, it is gorgeous besides! Way to go!!!

An essential part of my consultancy

by Andrew Vaughan, Environmental and Standards Consultant - Medical Devices

To all at the Fanurio team, thank you. Fanurio has proved to be an essential part of my consultancy. It has proved to be reliable, intuitive and competent. And in the very few occasions support has been required it has been spot on. If I were to set up again would I trust my activity recording to Fanurio? - Definitely!

So much better than manually typing up my time sheets

by Emma Windsor, Personal Assistant

I would like to say a big thank you to Nicu for being such a great star this afternoon.

I was having trouble sorting out my currencies and with his superb knowledge, patience and speedy replies the matter was sorted out in no time.

I'd also like to say what a fabulous piece of software Fanurio Time Tracking is. It is not only helping me to keep track of time spent on my various clients but also enables me to track time on their different projects. So much better than clock watching and manually typing up my time sheets every month.

Your cross platform product is EXACTLY what I need

by Chris Brown, Web programmer and Producer

Fanurio truly has every feature I was looking for in time tracking software. There are a few good time tracking softwares out there, but nothing as well designed as yours.

I can tell that you really do listen to your customers. In the month that I trialed your software I never found a missing feature.

I generally work in the GNU/Linux OS, but occasionally do work-on-site. Your cross platform product is EXACTLY what I need. That alone was reason to check it out. But once I tried it, the features impressed me all the more.

Keep up the good work!

It's very well-done, straight-forward, and easy to use

by David Reynolds, Software Developer

I used the trial version of Fanurio for a while and purchased it today. It's exactly what I need, and it's very well-done, straight-forward, and easy to use. Thanks for a good product!

Recommended to anyone working as a freelancer or in a small business

by Avraham Rutman, Patent Attorney

Fanurio is without doubt the best time recording/time tracking/invoicing software that I have ever encountered - and I have tried so many. It has done wonders for my personal productivity and that of my small business.

The technical support is unbelievably good. It is rare to find someone like Nicu who completely understands his software AND knows how to communicate effectively and politely with people as well.

I would recommend Fanurio to anyone working as a freelancer or in a small business.

The most customizable invoicing function

by Brian Jackson, Law Office of Brian L. Jackson

Fanurio is a fantastic product. The user interface is clean and intuitive; one look at the main screen, and you immediately know how to use the software. But the ease of use belies the wealth of great features under the hood. I'm constantly impressed at the combination of simplicity and power.

While a pleasant user interface is nice, the most important function of an application like this is the invoices it creates. That is what the client sees, so that is what matters. I sampled eight different timekeeping and invoicing applications for the Mac, and Fanurio easily had the most customizable invoicing function. I was able to create an invoice template that looked exactly how I wanted, which I couldn't accomplish with any other software.

Finally, the customer service is simply stellar. I sent in several requests for assistance after my initial purchase, and Nicu answered all my requests quickly and thoroughly. He even created my first invoice template for me!

I couldn't be happier with this product or this company.

It is surprisingly simple for so sophisticated an application

by Rob Tomlinson, Web Developer and Designer

I'm really fussy with software. I should be, I've written tons of it myself! I take careful note not just of what it does but the way that it does it too. Fanurio tracks my time well and does it in a way that is intuitive.

I'm normally a bit wary of software written using Java, but this one is an exception. I've not yet found a bug. It is surprisingly simple for so sophisticated an application. It's uncluttered and and is not burdened down with excessive cruft.

Best of all, it helps me account for where my time goes.

Helps give me credibility and reassurance with my clients

by Doug Crew, Graphic Designer

Feel free to use any of my emails in the What Our Users Are Saying. I truly believe this is one great piece of software that not only helps me do my business more easily but also helps give me credibility and reassurance with my clients that I am billing them exactly what it took to do the work for them.

Thanks again for the custom report.

Fanurio support team is second to none

by Peggy Parskey, Change management and measurement consultant

I have been a Fanurio users for several years. As a sole practitioner, I wanted a solution that enabled me to easily track my time over several clients and projects and streamline my billing process.

Fanurio has a simple, yet feature filled intuitive interface that enable easy time import and export for use with other application. Moreover, the developers continue to enhance its capabilities and listen to customer feedback. Finally, the Fanurio support team is second to none. They respond quickly to emails and work with you to ensure you have a resolution. Kudos to this team for their great product and stellar service.

Sold on the simplicity of transferring my iBiz data

by Shawn Girsberger, Book Designer

I was sold on the simplicity of transferring my iBiz data into a Fanurio repository and how straightforward it's been to adapt to using Fanurio. But the stellar customer support, specifically from Nicu (bless you!), is the inestimable value added to your product. Thanks again for your kindness and a truly useful application.

The invoice looks great

by Peter van Rees, Software Developer

You just sold a copy of Fanurio! That looks great and I am confident now that an invoice can be created to my likings. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the effort you put into support. This is really unprecedented.

The fastest, most pain-free experience I have ever had with a self accountancy package

by Paul (Pincher) Martin, CIS Consultant

You helped me through setting up to use Fanurio last month (Nov 2014). I have just completed my first full invoice for a project undertaken in Nov. I have to say it has been the fastest, most pain-free experience I have ever had with a self accountancy package. From beginning to end it took me approximately 15 mins - at least a quarter of the time it used to take me using iBiz.

So once again, many congratulations on a fantastic app and thank you once again.

Fanurio saves me a ridiculous amount of time

by Cory Roberts, Cory Roberts

Fanurio saves me a ridiculous amount of time, $60 is a steal. From customizable invoices to super easy expense/mileage tracking, Fanurio has made it so I can concentrate more on my work and less on how I bill.

Gives you more control of your business without being prohibitively expensive

by Jamie Fraser, Engineer

I have been using Fanurio for some time and can report that it is an excellent product for the freelancer. It makes the whole process of tracking and billing time at the project level very straightforward and gives you more control of your business without being prohibitively expensive.

The tailoring of invoices to one's particular needs and preferences is very flexible, although the script used to configure these is only for the technical user. However, the people that produce Fanurio will take your paper invoice and reproduce it for you in the scripting language, free of charge.

Particularly worthy of note is the excellent support that the company offers and also the speed with which they will implement your suggestions for improvement, if they believe them to be of universal benefit. This is a product that is being very actively developed and will only get better and better. Recommended.

Does everything. Very flexibly. Wildly awesome support!

by Rick Lupert, Graphic and Web Designer

Unlimited clients. Unlimited projects for each client. Unlimited tasks/expenses within each project. Separate hourly rates per project or client or task. Everything is customizable (EVERYTHING). Support so good it makes you cry.

Didn't find the Template editor too intuitive (though when the develop immediately custom made me an invoice template it eliminated that concern.) Wish it was a native OS X app instead of Java for general feel.

When iBiz finally stopped working with the updated on Mac OS to Sierra, I desperately needed something that did everything that iBiz did. This does it and more. The huge initial sell was being able to import ALL of my iBiz data directly and quickly into Fanurio and basically just start where I left off. The piece that keeps me sticking around is the INSANELY GOOD and responsive support. Feature requests taken seriously. Very quick responses on how to do things I didn't know I could do, and they custom designed an invoice template for me when I expressed my thought that the invoice editor was not as intuitive as I'd like it to be. I've quickly become a Fa(urio) of Fanurio and will be using it for the long haul for all my freelance work. Thank you so much Fanurio!