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Fanurio 3.2 Released

November 02, 2017

Version 3.2 is now available for download.

This version is available as a free update for all users with a valid annual maintenance plan. Go to the About window to see when your plan expires. If it hasn't expired yet, then you can use this new version. If it has expired and you decide to use it, then you need to renew your plan. If you have any questions about your license, please contact us.

If your annual maintenance plan expired after March 11, 2015, you can use version 3.1.3 released earlier today.

If you're using version 4.0-beta2, you must wait a little longer because you can't use version 3.2. Version 4.0-beta3 that will include all the features implemented in version 3.2 plus many others will be released later this month.

As you probably know by now, we're working on a new major version. However, before introducing new major features we decided to take the time and implement many small features and improvements that never made it in previous releases.

This post highlights some of the most requested features and improvements but we highly recommend that you browse the change log for complete details.

1. Reports

This version makes reporting visually more appealing, whether it's the reports themselves or the way they can be viewed in the application. Let's start with the reports.

We redesigned all default report templates to use a clean and simple design. This means less unnecessary details and a better structure. Here's the new and the old Timelog report.

We added several new reports, two of which include charts. The Time Statistics and Sales Statistics reports make it easier to see and compare various stats about time and sales.

We also redesigned the report windows and moved the settings to the left-hand side. This leaves more space for the preview area so you can see reports better.

Fanurio can now preview reports created from any text files (.txt, .csv, .xml, .iif, and .qif), not just html files.

2. Time tracking

Since time tracking is one of the core components of Fanurio, we're constantly working to improve it. That's why this version has lots of time tracking-related improvements.

The Timesheet view allows you to filter time entries by project but it's more convenient to see all the time recorded for a project when you open it. That's why when you open a project now, you can see all its time entries in the new Timesheet tab.

Other improvements implemented in this release are:

  • You can right-click (ctrl-click on macOS) a time entry to start a new timer for the same task and with the same description.

  • You can track time in seconds.

  • If you track time in minutes (by default), Fanurio rounds the time recorded by a timer to the nearest minute when it's stopped. Previous versions always rounded time down.

  • The duration of the Time and Pause fields from the New Time dialog can be adjusted using the up and down arrow keys.

3. Table improvements

Fanurio uses tables to show data almost everywhere. That's why we're presenting all the table improvements implemented for this version here because we think all of them are very useful.

  • Added a new table shortcut to edit the selected record (Command-I on macOS and Alt-Enter on Windows and Linux).

  • Double-clicking the empty area of a table will create a new record for that table. For instance, double-clicking the empty area of the Timesheet table will create a new time entry.

  • The totals displayed at the bottom of a table are calculated for all records when one row is selected and for all the selected records when two or more records are selected.

  • Added a new Select Columns action to the table header popup menu that makes it easier to select the visible columns.

  • Removed all table buttons except for the New button to declutter the area below each table. The same actions are available from the contextual menu of each table. Ctrl-click on macOS and right-click on Windows and Linux to open the contextual menu.

4. Date selection

Whether you need to create a report or record something, you need to select a date or a period. In order to make things easier, this version has a redesigned date picker and a new month picker.

Date filters have two new buttons that allow you to navigate to the next or previous period. The buttons are enabled only if a day, week, month or year is selected, they are not enabled if an arbitrary period is selected.

5. Others features and improvements

Here are a few more notable features and improvements that many of you have requested over time.

  • Move projects: Whether you created a project for the wrong client or you need to move a project to a different client for some other reason, you can now do it as long as the project was not invoiced.

  • Database loading time: Large databases with many projects and invoices are loaded a few seconds faster when the application starts.

  • View invoiced objects: Fanurio allows you to view invoiced objects (expenses, trips, products or time entries) instead of preventing you from accessing them.

  • Export contacts: Go to File > Export > Export Clients... to export all the clients you recorded in Fanurio to CSV or Excel.

  • Java-free Windows version: The Windows version no longer requires Java in order to run. You can uninstall Java if you installed it to run Fanurio.

As always, we'd love to know what you think about the new version. We appreciate all feedback as it helps us build a better and more useful application.

We hope you'll enjoy this new version and that it will help you be more productive.

Fanurio 3.1.3 Released

November 02, 2017

Version 3.1.3 fixes the bugs reported for version 3.1.2 and is now available for download.

This is a free update for all users with an annual maintenance plan that expires after March 11, 2015. Go to Help > About Fanurio or Fanurio > About Fanurio on macOS to learn when your annual maintenance plan expires. You can also contact us if you're not sure.

For a complete list of all the fixes, see the change log.

These fixes are also included in version 3.2 released today. If you have an active annual maintenance plan, you should use version 3.2 instead.

A new website

October 25, 2017

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our products and services, we've redesigned our website to make it easier for everybody to get the information they need. The website is responsive now.

Whether this is the first time you learn about Fanurio or you're already using it, it's now easier to read about it on any platform, especially on mobile phones and tablets. Other changes you'll probably notice:

  • The website has more details about the server version. Server licenses can now be ordered directly from the purchase page.

  • We renamed the blog to news and disabled comments since most of you preferred to contact us directly instead of commenting on the blog. If you want to share your thoughts about Fanurio publicly, you can still do it on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you find the new website easier to use and we'd love to hear your thoughts about it.

Fanurio 3.2 Release Candidate Released

September 06, 2017

The release candidate (RC) for version 3.2 is now available for download.

An RC is usually the last step before the final release. This means that we've fixed all known bugs and implemented all planned features. For a complete list of all the changes, please see the change log. This version has lots of new features and improvements.

As always, we'd love to know what you think about the new version. If there is anything you'd like to see fixed before the final release, please let us know.

If all goes well, the final version will be released later this month. If you're using version 4.0-beta2, you must wait a little longer. Version 4.0-beta3 that will include all the features implemented in version 3.2 plus many others will be released after version 3.2.

Fanurio 4.0 Beta2 Released

July 12, 2016

Version 4.0-beta2 is now available for download.

This version implements more server-specific features like user permissions, SSL communication, trusted IPs and password resets. It also includes all the new features and improvements added to version 3.2-beta1, please click the link to read about them.

Important: Before upgrading from version 4.0-beta1 to version 4.0-beta2 make sure all your clients are synced. If they are not, the unsynced changes won't be available for automatic sync after the upgrade.

If you haven't read about the server version, make sure you read the notes for version 4.0-beta1. Server licenses are still available at a discounted price.


If you are using the server version with other people, you may want to limit access for some of them so they can't access billing information or certain projects. This version has two new features that allow you (as an admin) to do this:

  1. you can grant or revoke admin rights and

  2. you can grant or revoke project access for users without admin rights.

Users with admin rights (admin users) have access to everything while users without admin rights (non-admin users) can access only the projects they are assigned to. See the user guide for more details.

Once you install the new version, please follow these steps to configure permissions:

  1. Go to Business | Manage People to configure which users have admin rights and which don't. All existing users have admin rights.

  2. Go to Business | Manage People and click Assign Projects to assign projects to your users.

We decided to implement only these two types of permissions for now. The final version will also implement task assignments. This will add a new permission that will prevent non-admin users who are not assigned to a task to change it.

We'd love to know what you think about this decision. Also, do you need to limit access in any other way?

Password reset

When logging in to a Fanurio server, users can now reset their password. This feature is enabled if the following conditions are met:

  1. The user has an email address associated with their account.

    If you don't have an email address associated with your account, Fanurio will ask you to enter it the first time you log in. You can also go to Account | Account Settings to enter it or ask an admin user to set it for your account.

  2. The server has an email account that can be used to send email notifications.

    Admin users can configure this account on the server from Server | Server Settings | Email Notification.

In order to reset the password, the user needs to enter the email address associated with their account (click the Can't access your account? link) and then click the link they receive by email.


This version adds two security features that are useful if you need to access the server over the internet, encrypted communication using SSL and trusted IPs.

If SSL is not enabled on the server and a client communicates with the server over the internet, the data exchanged by them may be intercepted by others. That's why security experts recommend using SSL to encrypt communication between servers and clients. You don't need to enable SSL if you're accessing the server only on the local network.

Setting up a list of trusted IP addresses allows you to control the IPs from which the server can be accessed. It makes sense to enable this feature if the server is accessed from a limited number of computers that have static (fixed) IPs.

Other improvements

If you've been using the 4.0-beta1 version, you will notice a few other improvements:

  • There's a new Server menu on the server that allows you to start/stop the server and to configure its settings.

  • People are now managed from Business | Manage People instead of Business | My Business Details | People.

  • The action File | Change Server Address allows you to update the server address if it has changed. See the user guide to learn why why may want to do this.

Please let us know what you think about this update. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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