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Introducing the annual maintenance plan

March 04, 2011

When we released version 2.4 we said future versions will no longer be available as free updates for users who purchased a license more than one year ago. However, we didn't explain the new policy in more detail.

If you are a long-time Fanurio user, you know we didn't charge any money for updates in the past. This was our gift to you for choosing us in the beginning. To continue to offer a quality product and the same level of support, we need to charge for updates. The key element of the new update policy is the annual maintenance plan. This plan gives you access to updates (major and minor) and technical support for one year.

New pricing scheme

The price of a license is still 59 USD and includes a maintenance plan for one year. This means that when you purchase a license you also get free technical support and updates (major or minor) for one year. When the maintenance plan expires, you only have access to bug fixes.

You can extend your maintenance plan before it expires or within 14 days after it expires. The new maintenance plan starts right after the old one expires and costs 19 USD for one year. This option is recommended if you want to receive constant updates.

If you decide not to extend your maintenance plan, you can renew it whenever you want to use the latest version. The new maintenance plan starts when you purchase the renewal and costs 29 USD for one year.

Existing users

So, how does this work if you're already a registered user?

If you purchased a license less than one year ago, you still have a valid maintenance plan. If you want to extend your maintenance plan you can do it now or wait until it expires.

If you purchased a license more than one year ago, your maintenance plan has expired and you can extend it until March 15, 2011 for 19 USD. If you don't, you'll still be able to renew it whenever you want to use a new version for 29 USD. Please note that bug fixes for the latest version covered by your maintenance plan are still free.

I hope you enjoy using Fanurio as much as we do developing it.