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Feb 28Fanurio 3.2.2 Released
Mar 12Win a server license in the CGTrader Digital Art Competition
Dec 12Fanurio 4.0 Beta3 Released
Dec 12Fanurio 3.2.1 Released
Nov 02Fanurio 3.2 Released
Nov 02Fanurio 3.1.3 Released
Oct 25A new website
Sep 06Fanurio 3.2 Release Candidate Released
Jul 12Fanurio 4.0 Beta2 Released
Jul 12Fanurio 3.2 Beta1 Released - Introducing report charts
Jul 12Fanurio 3.1.2 Released
Sep 07Fanurio 3.1.1 Released
Aug 11Fanurio 4.0 Beta1 Released - Introducing the server version
Apr 09HiDPI (Retina) support for OS X and Windows
Mar 11Fanurio 3.1 Released
Mar 02Fanurio 2.4.6, 2.5.2, 2.6.2, 2.7.1 and 3.0.2 Released
Feb 09Fanurio 3.1 Release Candidate Released
Oct 21Hello Yosemite
Jun 24Fanurio 3.1 Beta4 Released (deposits)
Mar 31Fanurio 3.0.1 Released
Mar 31Fanurio 3.1 Beta3 Released (lots of improvements)
Feb 18Fanurio 3.1 Beta2 Released (managing projects)
Jan 22Fanurio 3.1 Beta1 Released (iCalendar export)
Jan 06Import IGG Software's iBiz data into Fanurio
Dec 03Fanurio 3.0 Released
Oct 14Fanurio 3.0 Release Candidate Released
Aug 14Fanurio 3.0 Beta1 Released
Jul 09Fanurio 2.7 Released
Jul 02Fanurio 2.7 Beta1 Released
Mar 29Fanurio 2.4.5, 2.5.1 and 2.6.1 Released
Mar 19Fanurio 3.0 Alpha1 Released
Nov 06Fanurio 2.6 Released
Oct 16Fanurio 2.6 Beta3 Released
Aug 20Running on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
Jul 23Fanurio 2.6 Beta2 Released
Jun 04Fanurio 2.6 Beta1 Released
Feb 28Fanurio 2.5 Released
Feb 28Fanurio 2.4.4 Released
Dec 23Fanurio 2.5 Beta Released
Nov 10Happy Birthday
Nov 10Fanurio 2.4.3 Released
Nov 085th Anniversary Sale
Jun 10Fanurio 2.4.2 Released
Mar 04Introducing the annual maintenance plan
Feb 17Fanurio 2.4.1 Released
Jan 31Fanurio 2.4 Released
Dec 24Fanurio 2.4 Beta Released
Dec 04Follow us on Twitter
Aug 17Fanurio 2.3 Released
Oct 14Fanurio 2.2 Released
Jul 24How to translate Fanurio to other languages
Jul 23Fanurio 2.1.1 Released
Jul 09Fanurio 2.1 Released
Feb 26Fanurio 2.0 Released
Dec 23Out of office for Christmas
Oct 09Fanurio 1.11.3 Released
Sep 09Vote for Fanurio at the Epsilon Award
Sep 01Cross-platform version
Aug 05How to sync data between two computers
Jul 30Fanurio 1.11 Released
Apr 22Fanurio 1.10 Released
Mar 20How to change Fanurio's tray icons on Windows
Mar 20How to move Fanurio's data to a new computer
Feb 19Fanurio runs on Linux
Feb 04Fanurio 1.9 Released
Jan 29What's next in 2008