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Cross-platform version

September 01, 2008

Fanurio is developed using Java which enables it to run on many platforms. We are currently providing installers for the most popular ones: Mac OS X, Windows and Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu. For any other platform, we provide a cross-platform version.

There are no big differences between the cross-platform version and the others except for the packaging and how they are installed. To install it, you must simply unzip the .tar.gz archive to a location you prefer.

Launch scripts

The .tar.gz archive contains two types of script files that launch Fanurio. The first type launches Fanurio and creates the data repository somewhere in a user-specific folder on the computer. The purpose of these scripts is to create the repository in a location that's recommended by the operating system. These files are:

  • fanurio.app - Mac OS X
  • fanurio.exe - Windows
  • fanurio.sh - Linux and other flavors of Unix

The second type of script files launches Fanurio and creates a subfolder called local (hence the local suffix in their name) in the same folder where they are located. This type of scripts is especially suited if you want to run Fanurio from a USB stick. Data will be kept in the same folder with the rest of the application files so that you can reuse it when moving from one computer to another. These files are:

  • fanuriolocal.app - Mac OS X
  • fanuriolocal.exe - Windows
  • fanuriolocal.sh - Linux and other flavors of Unix

Install on USB

The cross-platform version is also useful if you want to install Fanurio on a USB stick. Some of our users installed it on a USB stick and use it from there on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Fanurio can also be installed on a USB stick running PortableApps. Just follow their instructions to do it.

If there's anything you want to say about the cross-platform version, please leave a comment or send us an email.