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Fanurio 2.6 Beta3 Released

October 16, 2012

Version 2.6 will be released at the end of this month but until it is ready, we have one last beta available for testing. Just as the first two beta versions (beta 1 and beta 2), this one focuses mostly on time tracking features.

Hiding and resizing table columns

Not being able to hide and remember the size of table columns were probably some of the most annoying user interface issues. Now you can choose the columns you want to see in the main tables of the application (project, timesheet, invoices and payments). Just right-click the table header and you can hide unwanted columns. You can also auto-resize the selected column or all columns.

Fanurio now remembers the order, visibility, width and sorting type of each column.

Importing time from any CSV file

Fanurio has a new wizard that can import time from any CSV file. Unlike the old wizard that was only able to import time from a few applications, the new one allows you import time from any CSV file. If Fanurio doesn't recognize the format of the imported time entries, it will ask you to define one. Go to File > Import > Import Timesheet... and select CSV for source to import time from a CSV file.

When importing time, you can use the Tags button to tag time entries before importing them. This can be helpful if you need to track the source (app, user, etc) of your time entries.

Tagging, deleting and moving multiple time entries

You can now tag, delete and move multiple time entries in the Timesheet table. This change makes it easier to manage time entries. Moving and deleting multiple time entries only works if all the selected time entries are not invoiced.

Tagging, on the other hand, works with all time entries whether they were invoiced or not. Tags don't change how time is billed that's why they can be applied to both types of time entries.

Specifying the service item for a time entry

We changed the way a service item is now specified for a time entry. Instead of using a single field called Service, the time entry now asks you to first specify the project and then choose the service item. It is a small change that we hope doesn't clutter the time entry windows too much. If you think the time entry windows are to crowded, use the button on the right of the date field to toggle the time input options.

You should now be able to select a project a lot easier and also be able to create new service items using the same standard interface just as you do in the project table.

Other improvements

You can now search invoiced time etries by their invoice number.

You can download the beta version from the download page. This version doesn't change your database so it's safe to install over your current version. Please note that if your annual maintenance plan expired, you will need a trial license key to run it. We'll be happy to provide one if you want to try it.

If there is anything else you'd like to see changed before the final release, please let us know.