Download Beta

Beta versions allow you to evaluate new features before they are released officially.

Got questions about this version? We're ready to answer them.

Can I try a beta version separately from my current version?

Yes! There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Install it on a different computer or on a different user account on the same computer.
  • Install it on the same computer but in a different folder and configure it to use a different repository folder.

To try it with your current data, create a backup with your current version (File / New Backup) and restore it with the beta version (File / Restore Backup).

Can I upgrade to version 4.0-beta3?

If your annual maintenance plan expires after December 12, 2017 then you can upgrade to version 4.0-beta3 for free.

If it expired before December 12, 2017 then you need to renew your plan in order to upgrade.

For any questions about your license, please contact us.