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Fanurio 2.4.1 Released

February 17, 2011

We've just released version 2.4.1 that fixes three bugs, two of them being critical. This upgrade is highly recommended for all users. Go to the download page to get it. This is a bug fix release, so everybody can use it.

1. Closing on Windows and Linux (GNOME)

If Fanurio was running when the computer was shutdown or the user logged off, the application didn't close thus leaving a few things unsaved or opened. Only if closing it first from File > Exit (Windows) or File > Quit (Linux) it closed its database and saved all the settings. The Mac OS X version never had this problem.

The new version closes correctly on Windows and on Linux distributions that use GNOME. Fanurio uses the GNOME session manager to learn when the user logs off or the computer is shut down just like gedit or OpenOffice do.

2. Drop-down list not visible on Mac OS X

Drop-down lists where not visible on Mac OS X when using the mini-timer. This can be seen especially when adding time or starting the timer. This is not a problem when switching back to the main window.

3. Default billing settings

This bug is not critical but it can be annoying. When creating new service items from the "Select Service" dialog, the new item didn't use the default project billing settings.

Thanks for reporting these bugs.