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Fanurio runs on Linux

February 19, 2008

If you are in a hurry, you can get the Linux version from the download page. For more details about this version, read the rest of this post.

One question you may ask is why did we release a Linux version now and not earlier since Fanurio is implemented in Java?

It's true that technically it was possible to run it on Linux from day one but running on Linux is different from running like a Linux application. That's true for any platform, whether it's Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

There are many small details that must be taken care of to make an application look natively and this release handles them. We still have a few non-critical issues to fix before we can say Fanurio is a perfect Linux application.

We released a Linux version now because we had quite a few requests and because Fanurio is good enough to be used on Linux. Below is a list with the important remaining issues.

  • Tests: We've tested Fanurio only on Ubuntu 7.10 with Sun Java 1.5.[Tested on various versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu with Java 1.5 and 6]
  • Tray icon: The Windows version integrates with the tray while the Mac version integrates with the dock. That makes it easier to access Fanurio. It would be great if the Linux version would integrate with the tray too. [Fixed in version 1.10]
  • Idle detection: Idle time detection is a very nice and helpful feature. That's not implemented yet for the Linux version.[Fixed in version 2.1]
  • User interface: Whether you are using GNOME or KDE, Fanurio will look like the Windows version. We didn't find an appropriate look and feel and so we decided to use the Plastic look and feel. The GTK look and feel provided by Sun on Linux is not really an option.
  • Installer: We don't provide installers for any Linux distribution. There's a .tar.gz file from which you can extract Fanurio. We'll probably create a .deb package for the next official release. [Fixed in version 1.10]

Apart from these major issues there are a few other ones but they are to small to be mentioned here. I hope you'll find Fanurio useful on Linux even if it doesn't have the features listed above.

If there's anything you want to say about the Linux version, please leave a comment or send us an email.