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Fanurio 2.2 Released

October 14, 2009

We've just finished uploading a new version. Version 2.2 is a free upgrade for all our users. You can upgrade your copy by clicking Help > Check for Updates in the menu. For a complete list of changes, please read the release notes.

There are two reasons we released this version. The first and most important reason is that it makes the backup process more reliable. The second reason is that it's been almost three months since our last release and we want to keep publishing new versions regularly.

A more reliable backup process

The data you enter daily in Fanurio is probably your most important asset. Protecting it and making sure it is not lost or corrupted is very important to us. That's why this version has several new features that make the backup process more reliable. Let's see what each one of them does.

Previous versions were able to make automatic backups when the application was closed but that was optional. The current version does this every time the application is closed. It also makes backup copies every six hours to make sure your data is saved frequently. This is helpful if you don't shut down your computer for long periods of time.

This version also makes sure backup copies can be saved to the backup folder. If you are using an USB stick to save them and it's not plugged in, Fanurio will warn you and ask you to specify a different location. Another check is whether backup copies are corrupted or not. Every time Fanurio starts, it checks the latest backup copy for corruption.

An additional security measure is the audit file that contains the latest database operations. The audit file can be at most 6MB in size and that should be enough to record the data entered during the last week. The audit file can be used to recover data just in case there is no backup copy and the database is corrupted. We don't imagine how both these things could happen and that's why I say this is an additional measure.

Finally, we fixed the bug that was causing "Database Error" messages to appear from time to time on Windows. If Fanurio was running in the background when the computer was shut down or the user logged out, the operating system didn't give it enough time to close the database and it remained in an inconsistent state. The fix ensures that the database is closed correctly.

New features and improvements

The most important feature of this version is by far the support for global hotkeys which only works on Windows and Linux. This means that you can now control Fanurio's timer even when its window is not visible. It's a lot more practical for people who like using keyboard shortcuts than using the tray icon menu or the mini timer.

If you don't like using keyboard shortcuts, we've also improved the mini timer. There's now a toolbar icon that switches the view to the mini timer. We've also fixed the annoying bug that resized the mini timer window to the whole screen. The rest of the improvements and fixes are documented in the release notes.

Although this version doesn't bring many new features, I still believe it's a step ahead compared to the last version. Please upgrade your copy of Fanurio to protect your data from accidental losses.