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Fanurio 1.10 Released

April 22, 2008

Fanurio version 1.10 is officially out. Although the release notes page has more technical information about what's new, this post focuses on the new features.

As you will see, this version makes time tracking even easier and has better integration with Linux.

Better Linux integration

A Linux version was uploaded on our website right after we released version 1.9 but one thing that it missed was a standard installer. It also didn't add a menu entry and you had to create a desktop shortcut by hand.

To fix these problems, we created a .deb installer that makes it easy to install, uninstall or upgrade Fanurio just like any other Linux application. The installer also creates a menu shortcut that can later be copied to the GNOME panel or to the desktop.

If you are using Java 6 (which we highly recommend), Fanurio can also add a panel (tray) icon. You can read more about tray support on Linux in the user guide.

Smart timing

Fanurio has a timer that can help you record time for what you do. But a timer is useless if you don't remember to use it. To solve this problem, Fanurio has a few reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer. Instead of relying on your memory and attention to control the timer, you can use these reminders. We are calling this feature smart timing.

You can read more about smart timing in the user guide.

New timer actions

Until now, when you started the timer, it wasn't possible to specify the project item that was timed. You had to do it when the timer was stopped. In version 1.10, this can be done very easily. Just open a project, select a project item and press Shift-F5. You will start the timer for that particular project item.

Shift-F5 is the shortcut of the new timer action that lets you start the timer for a particular project item. This is one of the five new timer actions (start..., transfer, discard, info and recover) that have been added to this version. And since we now have eight timer actions instead of three, we've organized them in their own menu.

These are roughly the most relevant features and improvements of this version. The release notes page lists them all.

I hope this version will help you record time easier and more accurately than before.