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Fanurio 2.3 Released

August 17, 2010

We've just finished uploading version 2.3 which is a free upgrade for all our users. You can upgrade your copy by clicking Help > Check for Updates in the menu. For a complete list of changes, please read the release notes.

The most important change we've made in this version is the new templates module that can handle template files in several formats: HTML, Microsoft Word 2007, OpenOffice OpenDocument and others.

People like Fanurio because they can create invoices with the exact layout they want. The new version will make it easier for anybody to edit a template using their favorite editor whether it is Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. We've also prepared a guide on how to create a template. A list of all supported formats is available here.

Although the templates module is the most important feature because new users will edit their templates easier, this version has other features that you may find useful.

Filter clients by their status

If you have a long list of clients, you can now mark them as active or not active. Once you do this, you can display only active clients and hide the others. That way, the list of clients and projects is easier to manage.

Backup warning

If you are a Windows user, it's very likely that you've been warned about invalid backup copies. This happened because Fanurio tried to create a backup copy when you shut down your computer but Windows didn't give it enough time to complete it. The new version no longer creates backup copies when the application is closed. It only does this while it is running.

If your latest backup copy is not valid and a backup warning message is displayed, you now have the option of skipping it. Fanurio checks your latest backup copy to make sure it can be restored.

Multiple instances

If you launch Fanurio multiple times instead of being informed that it is already running, the main window of Fanurio will be displayed. This is helpful if you launch it by mistake or if the tray icon is not visible anymore. On Windows, the icon disappears from the tray if Windows Explorer is restarted. See this note for more details.

Dutch and Portuguese translations

Besides English, German, Romanian and Spanish, Fanurio is now available in two new languages: Dutch and Portuguese.

Please note that there are many other changes that you could find useful. Make sure you read the release notes for more details.