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Fanurio 2.4 Released

January 31, 2011

We've just finished uploading version 2.4 which is a free upgrade for all our users. You can upgrade your copy by clicking Help > Check for Updates in the menu. For a complete list of changes, please read the release notes. You will also need a new license key for this new version (more details below).

Fanurio runs on multiple platforms and we are very careful with how each version integrates with the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A good integration with the desktop means less time spent on tracking time. That's why the most important change in this version is the new user interface optimized for Mac OS X and Windows 7.

Another important change is that this is the last free upgrade for some users. Now, let's see in more detail what has changed.

Future updates

This new version is a free update for all our users. In the last four years we released another twenty versions as free updates. We are now changing our policy regarding updates so that the next version will no longer be a free upgrade for users who purchased a license more than one year ago.

All users who purchased a license are eligible for free upgrades and technical support within one year from their purchase. For instance, if you purchased a license on January 1st, 2011 then you will get all new versions released until January 1st, 2012 for free.

If you purchased a license on January 31st, 2010 or before then this is your last free update. You will still be able to use Fanurio but you will not have access to new versions. If you want to use new versions, you will have to purchase an upgrade license.

New license keys

The new version requires a different license key to start. If you haven't received an email with the new key yet, please contact us.

New Mac OS X-like user interface

One thing that you will notice when running the new version is the new user interface that follows Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. This should be a very pleasant surprise for our OS X users. However, the new interface comes with a price. Fanurio no longer runs on older Macs. It can only be used on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Another very useful OS X feature is the new dock icon menu that lets you control the timer. Fanurio also has a menu bar icon from where you can control the timer but some people prefer to do everything from the dock icon.

New Windows 7-like user interface

Although the new interface has elements specific to OS X applications, it also looks good on Windows 7.

If you are a Windows 7 user, you will probably like the new interface, the fact that you can pin Fanurio to the task bar, the overlay icon when the timer is running and the thumbnail toolbar that lets you control the timer.

QuickBooks integration

A very old request has been the integration with QuickBooks. The new version can export time entries to an .iif file that can then be imported in QuickBooks Pro.

Please note that there are many other changes that you could find useful. Make sure you read the release notes for more details.