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Fanurio 1.11 Released

July 30, 2008

Fanurio version 1.11 was officially released yesterday. I'll use this post to talk about what I think it's most important and isn't covered by the release notes.

Check for updates

If you followed us so far, you've probably noticed that we make new releases quite often. It takes us between one and three months to release new versions. Until now, you were able to check for updates but manually. Starting with this version, Fanurio can check automatically for new updates. By default, it checks every 5 days.

This means we'll no longer send notifications by email since Fanurio can do it automatically. If you want to be notified by email about new versions, please register here.

Cross-platform version

Another interesting addition is the cross-platform version. It is a .tar.gz file that contains everything that's needed to run Fanurio on any platform. It covers those cases when the Windows, Debian or Mac OS X installers are not suitable.

You may also want to use the cross-platform version if you need to install Fanurio on a USB stick. It comes with launch scripts that start and configure Fanurio to keep its data on the stick. To learn how to install and run it, please read this user guide section.

The nice thing about the cross-platform version is that you can install it on a USB stick and then run it from there on any computer, whether it uses Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Cost, profits and money reports

The last thing I want to mention and the most important feature of this version is the possibility to record costs for project items. Many freelancers are reselling goods or subcontract some of their services. In both cases, knowing how much it cost is important to determine the actual profit.

To help you understand how much money you're making, project reports can now display both time and money. You can read more about project reports here.

I hope you'll find this new version more useful and it will help you have a better understanding of how much your work is worth.