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What's next in 2008

January 29, 2008

One of the things that I do when deciding to use a software application either commercial, free or open-source is to see how actively it is developed and supported.

Is there a community around that product? How satisfied are existing users with the product? Is there enough documentation to help me use it? Are new versions released constantly? If I have a question, how fast and accurate can someone answer it?

These are just a few questions I may ask in the process of making this decision. It's better to answer them before than to have all kind of surprises later. Of course, it's not the same thing deciding on a text editor or on an accounting package.

Back in November 2006 when we launched Fanurio, we had almost none of these things except for a promising product and friendly support :). Since then, we've made frequent releases, published a user guide and testimonials from our users and more importantly we've used almost all feedback to guide our design decisions. We've passed quite a few milestones last year when more and more freelancers made Fanurio one of their favorite tools.

If you followed us so far, you may probably ask yourself what's next? Well, there are still some things we plan to do. Some features that didn't make it in previous versions will be implemented, we'll improve the web site and the documentation to show how Fanurio can solve many billing problems and we'll continue to listen to feedback.

The first step in this direction is the launch of this blog. We'll use it to announce new releases, to publish tips, tutorials and anything else that's relevant about Fanurio or what we do. A blog is also a great place to start discussions around such topics.

I hope it will be a useful resource for all of us.